Speak Like a Champion! (Popular Seminar)

An Exclusive Evening Dedicated to Helping You to
Unleash the Champion Speaker in You!

It’s a known fact that the #1 skill that will boost your credibility and propel you to the top in your professional career faster than any other is the art and skill of public speaking.

One 20 minute speech in front of the right group can open doors of opportunity to you…. that are closed to 95% of the population. This dynamic seminar is for you if you want to get recognized, get booked and get paid to speak while transforming the lives of others.

Are You seeking to reach new audiences, touch more lives and make real money with your knowledge, experience or story? At signature event by Circle of Champions you will learn how you can make a real difference and real money while transforming the lives of others.
Speak Like a Champion is the ONLY speaker training event where aspiring and experienced speakers GET PAID CASH MONEY ON THE SPOT for giving a grand slam presentation.



Your Audience is Waiting for You! (Powerful)

Speak Like a Champion is unlike any other seminar on public speaking. If you have the courage to stand and speak “impromptu” before a group of people you don’t know, you can earn money! This dynamic seminar is for speakers, trainers, authors, coaches and infopreneurs who want to increase their influence, impact and income. Registration for this event is FREE for a limited time. Take action now and reserve your seat today.

Building Confidence as a Speaker

by Bob Yates | Circle of Champions


Malika Starr Earned $91 in One Minute Speaking

Malika Starr spoke at one of our events and earned a whopping $91 in one minute all because she was willing to take the challenge to speak before a brand new audience without any prior preparation. Is it time for you to step into the spotlight and deliver your message and walk away with cash. Many who have attended these events say that it was the turning point in their speaking career. 

Credibility and Influence

by Bob Yates | Circle of Champions



Learn from the Seminar Champion!



Bob Yates is an international speaker, trainer, entrepreneur and phenomenal seminar leader. He has conducted hundreds of live sold-out events and given over 3500 presentations and keynote speeches. Bob has cracked the code and knows first hand what it takes to succeed in the speaking business! Starting from scratch and a compelling vision to transform lives, he has successfully built his own personal development speaking empire that touches thousands nationally and internationally each year!

Bob has been the featured guest on numerous radio shows and national platforms and routinely works with many of the top performers in the personal development and speaking industry. 

Having a vision beyond his own success, Bob has shared his Circle of Champions platform with more than 300 speakers over the past several years and has nearly 40 to become International speakers in the last two years. Get ready, you could be next!



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An Exclusive Evening Dedicated to Helping You to
Unleash the Champion Speaker in You!
Speak Like a Champion is NOT just a normal seminar or workshop. This seminar is highly experiential and contains high-end insider information that will put you at the top of your game as a speaker or trainer.You will have the opportunity to practice your presentation (if you choose) in a fun supportive environment. Our students walk away with supreme confidence, be ready to “own the stage” and possess the knowledge to build a lucrative speaking business.


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Speak Like a Champion!

Circle of Champions Seminars
Champion Speakers Academy

Thursday, August 22nd from 6:45 PM – 9:00 PM  (These Events Fill Up Quickly) 

The Holiday Inn and Suites, Largo Maryland 20774

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Are You Ready to Be a Part of An Exclusive Group of Speakers, Trainers, Authors and Infopreneurs Who Know How to Make Real Money While Adding Real Value to Others?

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